Discover Serenity at Selong Selo Resort, Indonesia


Nestled on the picturesque island of Lombok, Indonesia, Selong Selo Resort offers a serene and luxurious escape for travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Discover why this resort is a hidden gem in the heart of Indonesia.

A Tropical Paradise

Selong Selo Resort is situated amidst lush tropical landscapes, surrounded by pristine beaches and breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains. The resort’s location provides a perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility, allowing guests to unwind in a peaceful setting while still being close to local attractions.

Luxurious Accommodations

The resort features a range of luxurious accommodations, including private villas and suites designed with modern elegance and traditional Indonesian touches. Each villa boasts spacious living areas, private infinity pools, and stunning panoramic views, providing the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

World-Class Amenities

Guests at Selong Selo Resort can indulge in a variety of world-class amenities and services. From a tranquil spa offering rejuvenating treatments to a fully equipped fitness center with panoramic views, every aspect of the resort is designed to enhance guests’ well-being and enjoyment.

Gourmet Dining Experience

Experience the culinary delights of Indonesia and international cuisine at the resort’s exquisite restaurants. Enjoy fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and expertly crafted dishes served in a picturesque setting. The resort also offers private dining options for a more intimate and personalized experience.

Adventure and Exploration

For those seeking adventure, Selong Selo Resort offers a range of exciting activities. Explore the island’s natural wonders with guided hikes, snorkeling trips to vibrant coral reefs, or cultural excursions to nearby villages. The resort’s staff can help arrange tailored experiences to suit every guest’s interests.

Environmental Commitment

Selong Selo Resort is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. The resort’s eco-friendly practices include using solar power, recycling, and supporting local communities through various initiatives. Guests can feel good about their stay knowing that the resort is dedicated to preserving the beauty of Lombok.

Exquisite Sunsets and Serene Evenings

As the day winds down, savor breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of your villa or a beachside lounge. Experience the tranquility of serene evenings filled with the sounds of nature, making each moment at Selong Selo Resort truly unforgettable.

Personalized Service and Hospitality

What truly sets Selong Selo Resort apart is its exceptional service and genuine hospitality. The staff go above and beyond to ensure guests have a memorable stay, catering to individual preferences and anticipating every need.

Local Culture and Experiences

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Lombok with authentic experiences arranged by the resort. Learn traditional crafts, participate in cooking classes, or witness mesmerizing cultural performances. These interactions provide a deeper understanding of the local heritage.


Selong Selo Resort in Indonesia offers a unique opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with nature in a luxurious setting. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or cultural experiences, this hidden gem promises an unforgettable escape on the beautiful island of Lombok. Read more about selong selo resort residences lombok indonesia